A-List Entertainment

Unit size: 15-3/4x12-3/8x5-7/8 in.

Packing: 4/1

Ctn. size: 0.084 cu. m.

Gr Wt.: 17 kg

An A-list lineup of gold willows to gold or green glitter, repeated purple and green stars with silver chrysanthemums and sea-blue and lemon stars with silver chrysanthemums. Then garnet and blue stars with silver glitter, and purple and green stars with silver glitter, followed by silver glitter mines to lemon comet tails, to blue tails and red tails. Still on the list are repeated gold bouquets with red stars and chrysanthemums, flying fish with red glitter, and brocade with silver glitter. Ends with a quickened finale of silver chrysanthemums, brocade, and silver glitter. No B-listers here. 63 SHOTS

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