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Brothers 2011 Catalogue

You can download:
- the whole catalogue
(43MB), OR
a section at a time by clicking on the section headings below

The Whole Catalog (43MB)

Rockets, Helicopters & Wheels (1MB)

New For 2011 (4MB)

Novelties & Fountains (2MB)

Cakes (3MB)

Still Available Items (3MB)

Heavy Weight Cakes (10MB)

Numerical Index (1MB)

Saturn Missile Batteries (1MB)

Alphabetical Index (1MB)

Artillery Shells (1MB)


Bothers 2011 New Products Video

Heavy Weights Cakes


    BP2425 Southern Comfort

    BP5041 Hocus-Pocus

    BP2429 Hitmaker

    BP5042 Motion Madness

    BP2431 Homecoming


    BP2432 Tinseltown


    BP2433 Goin' Like Ninety

    BP7120 Wheel Bear - O

    BP2435 Royal Salute

    BP-A071 Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

    BP2436 Putting on the Ritz


    BP2437 Bigger, Badder, Better


    BP2438 Uppercut

   BP1216 Banzai

    BP2439 Tang Dynasty


    BP2440 Sahara Twilight

Crackling Strings

    BP2441 Fort Sentinel

   BP4286 Dragon Tails

    BP-A070-1 Movers

   BP4287 Popcorn Strings

    BP-A070-2 Shakers

   BP4288 Silver Thread


   BP4289 Crackling Cable



    BP2423 All Jazzed Up


    BP2427 Clowning Around


    BP2430 Fallout


    BP2434 Tough Stuff






    BP4280 Smoking Hot

   BP4281 Flutter By

    BP4282 High Five

   BP4283 Gingerbread Man

    BP4284 Harry Hedgehog

   BP4285 Ferris Fling



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